A free set of exercises for learning the names of English colours.

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8 thoughts on “Colours

  • Robert Jeannard

    The idea of matching audio to image is nice but I feel the time between clicking and hearing is too long. As the message is very short (one monosyllabic word), the attack surprises me after too long a silence, my ear has not time enough to get accustomed to the voice, and I do not hear the word easily. Maybe you should put some small noise (musical note? simple shhhh? I do not know) a little before the word, advertising the listener that the word is coming.

  • Robert Jeannard

    It is different for the last exercise (in Test Mode) ! Here, the waiting time is OK and the recordings clearer except for “blue”.

  • Glenys Hanson

    I think the problem is the time it takes for the sound files to load in the background. Once loaded, there’s little waiting time.
    I notice that “green” is louder than the others.

  • Fiona Robertson

    here in the depths of Normandy I didn’t notice any particular delay for the sound when pressing the buttons, but I am using my new computer which is much faster than the old one. the internet connexion remains the same but I don’t know on this software how to find the speed of the connexion. I’ll explore

  • Annette Bonet

    Je suis handicapée physique et je voudrais recommencer l’anglais au début. Ma prononciation difficile a toujours été un frein . Mais maintenant en m’entrainant à répéter je m’aperçois que je peux, en travaillant y arriver.
    Merci pour votre aide et votre compréhention

    • Glenys Hanson

      Bonsoir Annette,
      Je suis contente que ces exercices ont pu vous aider.
      Vous voulez dire que votre handicap entraîne des difficultés d’articulation ?