Frequency adverbs

A set of exercises to understand the meanings of frequency adverbs.


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3 thoughts on “Frequency adverbs

  • Robert Jeannard

    In Frequency adverbs 2/4, I find strange to have to click on ? to give my answer. The usual way is to click in an empty square.

    In Frequency adverbs 3/4, the first letter of the first word is a capital letter except in sentence 4.

  • Glenys Hanson

    Hi Robert,

    1) Frequency adverbs 2/4. In Hot Potatoes Multiple Choice Questions, the convention is always to click on the ? I’ll try and make this clearer in the instructions.

    2) For me, in Frequency adverbs 3/4, sentence 4 has a capital letter too. Could you try again?

    Thanks for the feedback.

    • Glenys Hanson

      Hi Robert,

      Now I understand: There was no capital letter on for “he” in the “question”. (There was in the solution.)

      I’ve fixed it so it has a capital now like the others.

      Thanks again for helping me to correct this!