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18 thoughts on “Verb Tenses & Time Expressions

        • Glenys Hanson

          Hi Robert,
          I’ve changed the font to “Arial Black” in all the Changes: Ordering exercises. Do youi think it’s easier to distinguish between the comma and the full stop now?

          I’ve also made some other changes so that there are fewer “chunks” to move.
          At another friend’s suggestion, I’ve added another line so that the question can be on one line and the answer on another.

    • Glenys Hanson

      Did you mean Hotel Reservations, Exercise 5 Choosing – Tenses 2, Question 4? I’ve made it necessary to choose the form of the verb.

      • Robert

        No, I mean exercise “Drag’n’Drop – Tenses 2”
        Sentence 4. “Ms James is still in the hotel.”
        “still” should be find by the student, it is given.

        • Glenys Hanson

          Now, I see what you mean. As this is an exercise on tenses, I’ve made it necessary to move the verb not the time expression. I realised the instructions were misleading too (“time expressions” instead of “verbs”) in both Exercise 8 & Exercise 9. I’ve changed them too.

          Thanks a lot! All this feedback is very helpful.

  • Robert

    Problem with the system: when I check my answer and it is not correct, the correction remains on the screen after I go to the next sentence.

  • Glenys Hanson

    For Hotel Reservations, Exercises 1, 10 & 11, I’ve changed the presentation so that the feedback appears in a pop-up box which can be dismissed by clicking on the OK button.

    I’ve also changed the image to make it bigger and clearer.

  • Robert Jeannard

    Hi Glenys.
    I tested your exercises on the new iPad I was orrered for Xmas.
    I found that the multiple choice exercises work well but not the drag and drop ones.
    What a pity !

    • Glenys Hanson

      Hi Robert,
      I know about this but I don’t have the coding skills to fix it. The technology for mobile devices is different from that of desktop computers and Apple devices are different from Android…

      I’m hoping to sweet-talk a coder into doing something about it but don’t hold your breath.

      But don’t stop giving me feedback – some things I can fix easily.