Hot Potatoes

Hot PotatoesHot Potatoes interactive-exercise authoring tool

Most of the exercises on this site were created thanks to the Hot Potatoes authoring tool. It is now freeware.

The authors, Martin Holmes and Stewart Arniel, kindly provide a number of Tutorials on their website and in particular:

Some of the images come from their Language Teaching Clipart Library.

Other users have provided more “hacks” which Stan Bogdanov has centralised on his site at HotPotatoes Tutorials along with his own wonderful Tutorials and Add-ons:

Stan’s customizations can also be found in his book: Hacking Hot Potatoes: The Cookbook

I am profoundly grateful to these coders and others who have provided helpful information and advice on the hotpotatoesusers group and also to the Moodle developer, Gordon Bateson, in the Hotpot (add-on) Forum.


A number of the exercises were created with Martin Holmes’ TexToys (£20 for a single user): WebRhubarb and WebSequitur.

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