Make or Do – follow up

As I’d hoped, kind colleagues, Suzanne Lachaise and Robert Jeannard, have provided constructive criticism about my Make or Do? What an awful day! exercise which I already knew not to be sufficient. They made me realise it was more of a test than a learning exercise because it didn’t help them to build criteria for determining how to choose between “make” and “do”. I gave the “rule” at the beginning but it wasn’t helpful. Yet again showing that there is no magical transfer of knowledge to know-how.

So I’ve written a simpler (and shorter) exercise  concentrating on contrasts between “make” and “do” in the same situation but where they each give a different “lighting”.

I know I can rely on them to let me know if I need to do more. 😉 

You’ll find the new exercise here: Verbs – “Make” and “Do” contrasts


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